6PM Doha/8AM PST



Join us for a conversation with Andres Gonzalez. His book American Origami was researched and created over a six-year period, resulting in a statement of over 700 photographs which closely examines the epidemic of mass shootings in American schools. The project includes first person interviews, forensic documents, and press materials, as well as original photographs and texts. In this conversation with Tasweer’s Artistic Director Charlotte Cotton, Gonzalez outlines the elements of this outstanding book that repeat and fold into each other, illuminating relationships between myth-making, atonement, and collective healing. In collaboration with designer Hans Gremmen, the book is bound in a unique way and creates a parallel world of the past and the present, showing the silenced landscape interwoven with the personal artifacts created by those left behind.


Andres Gonzalez is a photographer and educator based in Vallejo, California. His recent work synthesizes in-depth research with the poetics of photography to reveal truths behind the overlooked narratives in the American social landscape. He has published two books, Some(W)Here in 2012 and American Origami in 2019 which won the Light Work Photo Book Award. He has also received recognition from the Pulitzer Center, the Alexia Foundation, is a Fulbright Fellow, and was shortlisted for the Paris Photo - Aperture First Book Prize. In September 2021, he will be showing work at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago where he will also be presenting a staged performance of American Origami in collaboration with members from Tectonic Theater Project.