“Our Traditions, Our Light”


The state of Qatar is full of elements of civilization and Islamic landmarks that reflect the Islamic nature and urban development of the country. Doha has chosen the slogan “Our Traditions, Our Light” as a symbol that reflects valuable semantics of Doha’s hosting of the celebration. The organization of the celebration has been supervised by the Ministry of Culture and Sports all year, with the help of Qatar National Commission for Education, Culture and Science, Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) and strategic partners. In cooperation with Qatar Museums, this photography competition has been introduced for students and photographers in Qatar. 


This photography competition includes two themes


The First Theme:

Islamic Culture Among Individuals and Society in Qatar

This theme is dedicated to students and photographers under 18. The contestants have to focus on the elements of the theme; as Qatar is known for the cultural diversity in its society. The country is the home for many different nationalities and races that draw its traditions from the spirit of the Islamic culture in their way of life – from dress and appearance to worships and traditions. 


Ten students and photographers will be rewarded with a prize of one thousand riyals, a participation certificate and their works will be part of the final exhibition.


The Second Theme: 

Islamic Culture and its Influence on Traditional and Modern Architecture

This theme is dedicated for all the contestants above 18. The contestants have to focus on displaying the influence of Islamic culture on the civil and urban development that depend on the traditional architecture and Islamic units used, how the community has interacted with this development and the reflection of this development on the aesthetics of the city. 

The three winners will be rewarded the following prizes:

  1. First place : five thousand riyals and a participation certificate

  2. Second place : three thousand riyals and a participation certificate 

  3. Third place: two thousand riyals and a participation certificate 


The photographs of the top 17 participants will be featured in the final exhibition and they will be rewarded a participation certificate. 


The final exhibition will include 40 photographs that will be selected from among the photos participating in the two themes.