Doha Capital of Islamic Culture Prize

The First Theme:

30 October- 30 November 2021


Doha Capital of Islamic Culture prize is a photography competition that is hosted to mark the selection of Doha as the capital of Islamic culture. This competition is for Qataris and resident photographers in Qatar; as the prizes will be handed out to the winning contestants.


The First Theme: Islamic Culture Among Individuals and Society in Qatar

This theme is dedicated to students and photographers under 18. The contestants have to focus on the elements of the theme; as Qatar is known for the cultural diversity in its society. The country is the home for many different nationalities and races that draw its traditions from the spirit of the Islamic culture in their way of life – from dress and appearance to worships and traditions. 

First Theme Prizes:

Ten students and photographers will be rewarded with a prize of one thousand riyals, a participation certificate and their works will be part of the final exhibition.


Competition Requirements:


-       The participant has to send one shot that expresses the theme of the competition. The photograph can be taken using a phone or digital camera; as long as the size of the file is larger than 2 megabytes.

-       Photo editing programs can only be used to adjust lighting, contrast and colors. 

-       The judging will be done by a committee consisting of Qatar Museums and Ministry of Culture and Sports, and their decision will be final. 

-       By participating in this competition, the organizers have the right to use the photographs on social media and in cultural publications; while reserving your literary rights. 

-       The winning photographs, and other chosen works, will be displayed in a photography competition in 2022. 


The submission application has to include the following:


·       Image file in jpeg, tiff or png format, with a size larger than 2 megabytes.

·       The image file submitted should be named as follows: Participant name – the title of the artwork, eg: Khalid – Portrait.


The last date for submissions is 30 November at 12 midnight.